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I’m Moving To Canada

In 2016, the world was facing a catastrophic refugee crisis across Europe and the Middle East. But the US was fixated on another disaster – Donald Trump.


In the run up to the 2016 presidential election, we noticed that the prospect of a Trump presidency had more Americans searching “Moving to Canada” than ever before. Using Google Adwords, we hijacked this moment where many were thinking of leaving the US and linked them to our “I’m Moving To Canada” website, where they were brought face to face with refugees around the world who were actually forced to leave their country.

Visitors were then given the opportunity to fund the medical supplies desperately needed by our refugee focused projects such as mosquito nets, trained nurses, and baby kits. As the craziness of the election continued, we also responded in real time with graphics and memes. When Trump won, Canada’s immigration site crashed. But we were ready and our site traffic went through the roof and our donations went up 190% with 90% of donations coming from first time donors.

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