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What We Do

Healthcare is a human right.

We defend that right, even when it isn't convenient or pretty.

Doctors of the World serves more than 7.25 million people, through more than 400 programs in over 70 countries around the world. We are there in conflict zones, refugee camps and rural communities, providing care, creating infrastructure and advocating for the world’s most vulnerable people.

Whether that means defying local authorities to create a life-saving needle exchange program for drug users in France, fighting for women’s reproductive rights in Nepal or providing psychological and medical care for Syrian refugees in Turkey, we fight every day to save the lives of people living on the margins.

It would be easier to fly in for the photo-op and then leave. It would be easier to stay at home, tweet occasional support for worthy causes, pretend people suffering in other countries, other cities, other neighborhoods don’t exist. But that’s not what we do.

We go to the war zone and we stay, even after the cameras are gone and the news cycle has moved on. We go into communities that never even make it on to the news and fight for people who are otherwise invisible.

Indifference is a disease.

If those with the means and those in power ignore those suffering, struggling or starving, our world collapses.

Will you help us change that?

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