Where We Work - Doctors of the World

Where We Work

We support vulnerable people wherever they are.

We value health as a fundamental right and are committed to improving access to quality medical care in all communities, near and far.

At Doctors of the World, we believe that access to medical care is a human right – regardless of one’s nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, legal status, or ability to pay. Whether it is providing psychological support to Syrian refugees, vaccinating children in Mali, or treating sex workers in Mexico, we meet the health needs of vulnerable and marginalized people around the world.

We have over 400 programs in more than 70 countries – many of them managed by our local teams, with the support of over 6,300 global volunteers. We provide emergency and long-term medical care to people living in some of the most challenging and dangerous conditions imaginable. Whether it is poverty, disease, armed conflict, natural disasters or chronic, structural disparities in access to health, our team is always ready to respond.