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NPHW 2019: Violence Prevention

This week is National Public Health Week, organized by the American Public Health Association (APHA), to promote important health topics nationwide

This year they are dedicating today, Tuesday April 2nd, to violence prevention

The intersection between violence prevention and public health is a strong one, with the goal of supporting communities to be safer, healthier and to prevent premature death and injury from violence.

On average, 96 people die each day from gun violence in the United States and in total almost 40,000 people were killed from guns in 2017.


Gun violence is the source of continued dialogue within our news media, but what often isn’t talked about is the endemic level of violence that continues on a daily basis in our urban communities.

Within these communities, violence is concentrated within communities of color with high rates of poverty interwoven with other socioeconomic disparities and inequities that have been solidified by limited access to resources and long histories of prejudiced laws and policies.

In 2018, Doctors of the World USA (DotW) launched our domestic project to address the issue of urban gun violence in New York City. 

Everyday, 100 Americans are killed with guns

Doctors of the World USA (DotW) seeks to address the issue of urban gun violence and support the field of gun violence prevention by developing programming, resources and training opportunities with community and national partners.

By using a public health led social justice approach, DotW supports efforts to identify effective methods, interventions and approaches to reduce violence in our communities.

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By donating to Doctors of the World today, you can assist us in providing vital resources towards preventing urban violence and reducing the cycle of violence within the United States.