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Urban Violence Prevention

Since 2018, Doctors of the World USA has worked in the field of gun violence prevention

We support the field of urban violence prevention by developing programming, resources and training opportunities with community partners

By using a public health led social justice approach, DotW works with partners to identify effective methods, interventions and approaches to reduce violence in American communities.

Doctors of the World identifies unmet needs within the field of urban violence prevention, including areas where we can be most effective addressing gaps in service delivery. 

Our program goals are:

  • To advocate for the creation of systems which reduce violence in communities
  • To support and strengthen programming, policy and advocacy efforts that will lead to a reduction of violence in priority communities
  • To ensure that all program development is conducted through a trauma informed lens.


Gun violence deaths in the US in 2017


Of gun deaths caused by suicide


Of gun deaths caused by homicide


Doctors of the World USA has partnered with the NYC Health + Hospitals Jacobi Medical Center’s Stand Up to Violence Program (SUV). The SUV Program is a hospital-based violence prevention initiative located in the Bronx, NY that works to improve outcomes in patients admitted for violent trauma and to prevent community violence through an intervention that employs community outreach workers both within the hospital setting, as well as out in the community to prevent future violence.

DotW provides support to the Jacobi SUV program that will increase the capacity of their in-hospital program to reach more patients that present with a violent injury in their adult or pediatric emergency room.

Ending The Epidemic Of Gun Violence In The US

Read the opinion pieces written by our Executive Director, Fraser Mooney.

We also work to build relationships with other violence prevention organizations in the United States

Currently we are building relationships locally with hospital based violence intervention sites and Cure Violence community based organizations within New York City, as well as local health entities.

These partnerships will allow DotW to expand upon the programming that we are offering, as well as to reach our goals of partnering with existing violence prevention programming, developing training and capacity building opportunities, as well as creating opportunities for convening of organizations and programs in the field.

For readers interested in partnering with Doctors of the World USA or learning more about our domestic work to prevent urban violence, you can get in contact via email with our Program Director at [email protected] 

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