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Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights

What We Do

Promoting sexual and reproductive health rights

We promote sexual and reproductive health rights across the world, particularly in places where access to family planning, contraception and abortion is restricted or non-existent, and where LGBTI communities are excluded from mainstream healthcare. We believe abortion is a fundamental right and an important foundation of gender equality.

Reducing Infant & Maternal Mortality

We also work to reduce infant and maternal mortality rates. Every day hundreds of women and their babies die due to complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Most could have been prevented.

Direct Action

We work with local organizations and experts to find sustainable solutions to these issues, and design interventions that overcome barriers to sexual health services, which often involves direct political and legal action. It’s not always easy, especially in countries like Pakistan, where family planning is viewed with suspicion and abortion is largely illegal, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where girls and women have had their basic sexual and reproductive rights violated for so long that it’s become endemic. But we don’t shy away from these challenges and we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to make positive changes.