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Harm Reduction & People at Risk

What We Do


Million people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide


of new Hep C infections are contracted by IV drug users


Million sex workers

Defending Those Society Prefers to Ignore

The world deteriorates when the well-off are indifferent to the suffering of others. Everyone deserves access to consistent, quality medical care, yet in many parts of the world the marginalized either aren’t permitted to visit a public clinic, are too ashamed, or lack the necessary resources or transportation. We stand alongside the stigmatized and defend the untouchables. From HIV and viral hepatitis prevention to tirelessly working to reduce the risk of infection from drug use, sexual practices, and exposure to toxic substances—we’re fighting for the health of people society is sick of.

Preventing Infectious Disease

Our prevention and education efforts related to the risks associated with injecting drugs and unprotected sex extend far beyond distributing sterile injection kits and condoms. We collect contaminated equipment, educate each individual on potential risks, screen for transmissible diseases, and provide direct care, and distribute information to help locate and access healthcare services in the future. We are also lobbying for affordable hepatitis C treatment costs and reform to policies and legislation that jeopardizes marginalized groups.

Support without Judgement

Our harm reduction methods and programs for drug users and sex workers aim to reduce the risk of infection—with zero judgement or discrimination. We advocate for law reform and foster an approach founded on the interests of public health and human rights. Often, we even call upon our robust peer support network of former addicts to draw on their experience and become drivers of real social change.