Bulgaria: Providing The Freedom To Choose

Today she is pregnant with her fourth, and she would like to have an IUD inserted. "I did not want to have any more children, I do not have money to take care of them. Many women in Nadejda choose to use intrauterine devices, a method that is often initially feared but ultimately considered less… Read more.

The Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Stories Of Survival

The situation for many Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh remains unclear. While negotiations have taken place between Myanmar and Bangladesh to repatriate the Rohingya, many are concerned about their safety if they return. The majority of the Rohingya still consider Myanmar as a hostile environment for their community.  While political negotiations continue, our teams will continue… Read more.

In Her Words: Gender Based Violence In CAR

When a crisis arises, whether it is natural or man-made, the incidence of GBV and sexual violence increases. Multiple factors contribute to this such as increased population displacement, a lack of public order and rule of law, a climate of impunity, the absence of adequate systems of protection, and the disruption of social relations.  GBV… Read more.


Blandine Britis Bedbeder, the Medical Advisor for our program in Ethiopia, described how “A traditional birth attendant is the one who carries out the practice in people’s homes. Although FGM is completely illegal in Ethiopia, it is said to have occurred for hundreds of years. The women who have undergone this practice when they were just babies… Read more.

Central African Republic

Since 2012, the population of CAR has been severely affected by ongoing political instability. Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes to escape the fighting and the levels of poverty have worsened in both towns and rural areas. Doctors of the World began an emergency response in CAR in 2014.… Read more.

Today Is World Mental Health Day

Our teams work around the world to provide mental health support to survivors of abuse, conflict and displacement. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental illness is one of the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide. Today, we're releasing a booklet to mark World Mental Health Day that explores our experiences providing mental… Read more.

The Rohingya Refugee Crisis: One Year On

Thousands more were injured and sexually assaulted, prompting an estimated 700,000 Rohingya to flee across the border into Bangladesh as refugees. In the aftermath of the violence, the displaced Rohingya refugees began living in makeshift refugee camps in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. One year on, these camps are still housing thousands of people in overcrowded and… Read more.

World Humanitarian Day 2018

YEMEN On August 9th, an airstrike hit a school bus in Saada, Yemen, killing 51 people including 40 children. The horrifying event is just one example of the thousands of innocent people that become targets during conflict. In Yemen, an estimated 10,000 people have died since the beginning of the conflict in 2015. In addition… Read more.

Cambodia: Rebuilding Lives Through Surgery

Under the shaded canopy of the Phnom Penh Children's Surgical Center (CSC), the two benches provided for patients are never enough. Access to free healthcare such as surgery is rare in Cambodia, and the crowds of young children, women, men and adolescents waiting to see our surgical team often spill into adjoining gardens. Consultations begin… Read more.

Pauline Lévêque

Pauline Lévêque is a French journalist, author and illustrator. For many years, she wrote about the film and entertainment industries for publications including Le Journal du Dimanche and Paris Match, where she was a contributor for 10 years. When her son Georges was born, she started to write Beep Beep, a bilingual (French-English) children’s book… Read more.