Cambodia: Rebuilding Lives Through Surgery

Under the shaded canopy of the Phnom Penh Children's Surgical Center (CSC), the two benches provided for patients are never enough. Access to free healthcare such as surgery is rare in Cambodia, and the crowds of young children, women, men and adolescents waiting to see our surgical team often spill into adjoining gardens. Consultations begin… Read more.

Pauline Lévêque

Pauline Lévêque is a French journalist, author and illustrator. For many years, she wrote about the film and entertainment industries for publications including Le Journal du Dimanche and Paris Match, where she was a contributor for 10 years. When her son Georges was born, she started to write Beep Beep, a bilingual (French-English) children’s book… Read more.

Margaret Timberlake Larson

Margaret is an Emergency Management consultant in the Los Angeles Office of Ernst & Young LLP, bringing nearly 20 years of emergency management experience with federal and state governments, and with the non-profit and private sectors. Before entering the private sector, Margaret worked for Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger relief organization, where she was… Read more.

Ethiopia: Ending FGM, One Girl At A Time

Blandine Britis Bedbeder, the Medical Advisor for our program in Ethiopia, described how “A traditional birth attendant is the one who carries out the practice in people’s homes. Although FGM is completely illegal in Ethiopia, it is said to have occurred for hundreds of years. The women who have undergone this practice when they were… Read more.

DotW Calls On Israel To End The Violence Against Palestinian Civilians

Dr. Jean-François Corty, Director of International Operations for Doctors of the World France, described how "With a only few hours of electricity a day, it is immensely difficult to import medicines and medical equipment and to refer patients to the appropriate healthcare facilities. The blockade has disastrous effects on the health of civilians. The inhumanity… Read more.

Ensuring Access To Care In Uganda’s Largest Refugee Camp

Doctors of the World is working alongside Ugandan national health authorities that are actively working in Bidi Bidi camp. Our aim is to train local staff to ensure the sustainability of the project in the future and to ensure continuing access to care for those that that need it.  Life in Bidi Bidi remains uncertain… Read more.

South Sudan: Strengthening Access To Healthcare In Bor

We spoke with Helea Saiz, the Emergency Coordinator for our program in South Sudan to hear updates on the project.  "Thankfully, things have been quiet in Bor. Our teams follow the security protocols and have not had any incidents since we arrived. However, in the dry season, rural areas can be more dangerous due to… Read more.

Marking The 7th Anniversary Of The Syrian Civil War

The destruction of medical facilities has greatly reduced the Syrian people’s access to medical care, making the work of Doctors of the World and other humanitarian organizations on the ground especially vital. There are currently 11.3 million Syrians within Syria in need of urgent humanitarian care. In addition to providing medical care on the ground,… Read more.

Press 2013 – 2011

Not-For-Profit Known for Its Work After Sandy Opens Health Clinic in Rockaways NY1 (December 12, 2013| NEW YORK) In the Rockaways there is a high population of uninsured adults, high incidence of chronic diseases and very few local doctors. Doctors of the World decided to set up the Rockaways Free Clinic after a year of… Read more.

Press 2014

Humanitarian Group Says Wear That Ebola Costume, But Donate For a Real One Inside Edition (October 31, 2014 | NEW YORK) Wearing an Ebola suit this Halloween? Why not donate a real one as well? The year’s most controversial Halloween costume is about to become the year’s most meaningful Ebola donation device. Instead of judging… Read more.