Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Crisis Escalates

It is likely that the needs of the Rohingya refugees will continue to grow. Almost 60% of the refugees are children, many of whom have become separated from their families or possibly orphaned. As many as 14,000 children in the camps are suffering from severe malnutrition, and more than 18,000 of the newly arrived women… Read more.

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World Mental Health Day

The towns in eastern Ukraine are on the frontline of a three-year conflict, the sound of shelling rattles through the air at night. While many young people have fled the area, parents and pensioners are often unable to do so. In these ghost towns, isolated people suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia. Doctors of… Read more.

International Safe Abortion Day

Doctors of the World’s medics see first-hand how women suffer when they can’t access safe and legal abortions. Today on #SafeAbortionDay, we’re calling for every woman to be able to get the medical care she needs. Almost 1 in 2 women live in countries where abortion is banned, restricted or not accessible. This year, US President… Read more.

Anne-Sophie Jaume

Anne-Sophie Jaume is a multi-faceted attorney with extensive experience in the international legal environment as well as the humanitarian sector. She is qualified as an attorney in France, the UK and the US and in the past she has held positions as the Vice-President of various investment banks such as the Royal Bank of Canada… Read more.

Bangladesh: Reinforcing Activities in Cox Bazaar

At Doctors of the World, we are mobilizing an emergency response, while simultaneously strengthening support to our Bangladeshi national partners for their humanitarian interventions. We are also supporting the Bangladeshi government's efforts to provide medical care to the refugees – including primary and mental healthcare for those who have witnessed or experienced extreme violence. We… Read more.

Voices From The Field: Françoise in Les Cayes, Haiti

On our first day in Les Cayes we met Ti Pasteur, an inspiring community health educator on our Cholera Response Team who has been working for Doctors of the World in Haiti for over two decades. “One of the hardest things about our work is when parents lose their child to cholera and we have… Read more.

United States

In July 2017, we launched Mi Salud, an Interactive Voice Response/IVR and SMS/text service that connects people to life-saving, life-changing free or low cost medical care in their own neighborhoods in New York City. The Affordable Care Act has increased access to health insurance for many, but a significant number of adults in the US… Read more.

Mi Salud

Mi Salud connects people in need of medical services to healthcare clinics in their neighborhoods. Individuals dial 646.759.9777, follow the prompts, and hear a listing of clinics near them or have the list sent directly to their cell phone via text. The Affordable Care Act has increased access to health insurance for many, but a… Read more.

MdM Network

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