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Conflict & Crisis

What We Do


Million newly displaced due to conflict


New displacements per minute


Million asylum seekers

Fighting for those who have left everything behind

The global refugee crisis presents an enormous challenge for healthcare provision, and supporting vulnerable refugees and migrants is at the heart of our work. We believe migrants should have access to high-quality healthcare at every stage of their journey, regardless of their nationality, immigration status or reason for leaving their country.


Emergency Response

We react quickly and effectively to crises and conflicts, which dramatically disrupt health systems. We’ve deployed medical teams all over the world to deal with the consequences of wars, natural disasters, and epidemics, taking all measures necessary to support the existing health systems so that they remain open throughout the crisis.


Building It Back

In the aftermath of a disaster, we seek ways to rebuild and improve health infrastructure in a way that will make a lasting impact in the community. We support local partners to restore health systems that are accessible to all, sustainable, and better able to cope with future shocks.