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DRC: Ebola Deaths Rise To An Estimated 1,700 People

For every 3 people infected with the virus in the DRC, 2 of them will die

The WHO has declared the epidemic “a public health emergency of international concern”

So far, an estimated 1,700 people have died and 2,500 people are believed to have been infected. 

Doctors of the World teams are currently on the ground in the cities of Butembo and Katwa responding to the crisis. Ebola is spreading particularly quickly in these areas and has the potential to infect thousands of people. 


Our teams are supporting the Ministry of Health in preventing and controlling the spread of the virus. We are also providing multiple health centers with Ebola prevention kits, disinfecting materials, and training national health staff in the process of identifying new cases. 

We are also providing psychosocial support to the staff working with patients and to the relatives of those infected in order to ensure that affected communities are supported and have access to quality psychological care. 

The outbreak is currently affecting the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri

However, there are significant concerns that the disease will spread to other regions of the DRC and neighboring countries due to the country’s often porous borders. The number of Ebola cases in the DRC is rising fast and timing is critical.

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