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DRC: Doctors of the World Responds To Ebola Crisis

The DRC is currently experiencing the second largest Ebola outbreak ever recorded

2,100 people have died from the disease

The outbreak is occurring in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri, where more than 3,100 people have been confirmed as infected. There are fears that the outbreak will continue to grow and there have been reports of new cases in the province of South Kivu.

In response to the outbreak, Doctors of the World has deployed teams to the city of Butembo, which is at the epicenter of the ongoing crisis.



Our teams are working to halt the spread of the disease by strengthening Infection, Prevention, and Control measures (IPC), developing community-level psychosocial support initiatives, and supporting the local government’s response to the crisis. 

Since arriving in Butembo, our teams have worked to train local health center staff to respond to the ongoing crisis. Our training consists of education in ICP, communication skills, mediation, and emotional support for survivors and relatives. Our team is also acquiring and distributing preventative materials at health centers to avoid new infections. 

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