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Mozambique: Second Deadly Cyclone Forecast

Today, a second cyclone is forecast to hit northern Mozambique

The country is still reeling from the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai 1 month ago

The storm caused widespread flooding that destroyed entire villages and left thousands of people homeless and living in makeshift IDP (internally displaced persons) camps. In many areas the flooding has taken weeks to recede, and some communities are only just now receiving vital humanitarian aid.

While the official death toll currently stands at 603, it is expected that this number will continue to rise, with 1,600 people injured so far. Now, to make matters worse, an unprecedented second storm — Cyclone Kenneth — is forecast to hit Mozambique sometime today.


Cyclone Kenneth could cause even worse damage and bring greater suffering to an already vulnerable and devastated population. The recovery from these two disasters will take many months, even years, and Doctors of the World is committed to being there for the long haul.

Doctors of the World has been present in Mozambique for more than 20 years. Our emergency response team has been on the ground since Cyclone Idai, working to prevent disease outbreaks and providing primary healthcare services to large numbers of displaced persons living in makeshift camps.

The majority of health centers in the cyclone’s path have been damaged and the national health network’s capacity is severely limited with an average of only 3 doctors per 100,000 people. 

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