Doctors of the World Strengthens Its Intervention in the Gaza Strip - Doctors of the World

Doctors of the World Strengthens Its Intervention in the Gaza Strip

PARIS, France (July 16th 2014) – Continued Israeli military operations are damaging the Palestinian healthcare system and restricting access to humanitarian aid. As the sanitary situation gets more critical with every passing day, Doctors of the World – Médecins du Monde (MdM) is strengthening its medical assistance to the civil population.

 After ten days of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, the toll is heavy: more than 200 Palestinians dead and 1500 injured, mainly civilians, with 18,000 more displaced. Health services have been seriously damaged by airstrikes and have had to endure frequent power cuts.

“Most of the cases received are women and children”, says Dr Hosam Abu-Elwan, an emergency physician for MdM. “Some essential drugs are starting to dry up and no one knows how long our stock will last.”

At the request of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, MdM is preparing to provide health facilities with medical supplies. Unfortunately, humanitarian aid is currently limited because of the continued bombings. Health workers are risking their lives to keep working despite clinics and ambulances being targeted by airstrikes.

Present in Gaza since 2002, MdM supports 11 health centers. Based on extensive experience in previous crises, the MdM teams have given emergency care training to locals (first aid, emergency evacuation) so communities can provide first aid.


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