DotW Statements

FP2020 Summit: DotW Reaffirms Its Commitment To Helping 1 Million Women Access Family Planning By 2020

(July 11, 2017 | New York) NEW YORK, NY International humanitarian aid organization Doctors of the World (Médecins du Monde) has announced a commitment to help one million women access family planning services at the international Family Planning Summit in London.

DotW & SAMS Call For Urgent Protection Of Medical Facilities in Dar’a and the Entry Of Humanitarian Aid

(June 7, 2017 | New York) NEW YORK, NY In recent days, the aerial bombardment campaign over Dara’a has intensified. According to reports from the ground, in the first five days of June, there have been approximately 330 direct fire activities, including air raids, explosive barrels, artillery, rockets, explosive cylinders, and explosive charges.

Words Are Not Enough

(April 5, 2017 | New York) NEW YORK, NY At Doctors of the World USA, we are stunned and appalled by the renewed chemical weapons attacks on the civilian population of Syria. These inhumane acts, clearly crimes of war that should be subjected to scrupulous examination by the international justice system, cannot be tolerated by any other government or by the United Nations system.

Two Years of Conflict in Yemen

(March 22, 2017 | Paris) Sunday 26th March 2016 will mark 2 years since the beginning of the armed offensive launched in Yemen by a coalition of countries led by Saudi Arabia. Two years after this conflict started escalating, Yemen faces one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, with around 19 million people in need of humanitarian aid and continual warnings of a potential famine.

A Healthy and Dignified Life

(January 29, 2017 | New York) NEW YORK, NY Recently, my wife put a bumper sticker on her car that reads, “Not My Values.” I found it very sad to realize that everyone who saw it would know exactly what it means. In a very short time, her values, and all of ours at Doctors of the World, have been threatened, demeaned and even, in some ways, outlawed.

DotW Signs Syrian Appeal to UNGA

(December 5, 2016 | New York) NEW YORK, NY The UN Security Council has failed Syrians. In almost six years of conflict, close to half a million people have been killed and eleven million have been forced to leave their homes. Most recently, the Syrian and Russian governments and their allies have carried out unlawful attacks on eastern Aleppo with scant regard for some 250,000 civilians trapped there.

DotW European Observatory Report 2016

(November 15, 2016 | New York) NEW YORK, NY Almost half of vulnerable pregnant refugees and migrants across Europe have no access to antenatal care, while similarly high numbers live in unstable temporary accommodation and limit their movements for fear of being arrested, a new report by Doctors of the World shows.

The Battle for Mosul – DotW Calls for The Protection of Civilians

(October 28, 2016 | New York) NEW YORK, NY The operation to retake the city of Mosul from the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) was launched Monday, 17th October. Doctors of the World calls for international humanitarian law to be respected to ensure both the protection of civilians and access to the populations by NGOs.

Hurricane Matthew Strikes Haiti

(October 5, 2016 | New York) NEW YORK, NY During the night of October 4th, Category 4 Hurricane Matthew made landfall on the island of Haiti, a country still struggling to recover after a devastating earthquake in 2010. The hurricane is the most powerful storm the Caribbean region has seen in nearly a decade.

Sexual Abuse of a Minor Reported in Moria Refugee Camp

(September 30, 2016 | Athens) Doctors of the World-Greece (Médecins du Monde – Grèce), hereinafter MdM, are deeply saddened by the recent reported incident of the rape of an unaccompanied child by other minors, which allegedly took place inside the Moria Reception and Identification Centre (RIC) on the island of Lesvos.

Two DotW Supported Hospitals Bombarded in Aleppo, Syria

(September 28, 2016 | Paris) Two hospitals supported by Doctors of the World – Médecins du Monde (MdM) were bombed this morning in Aleppo. MdM is again demanding that the attacks targeting civilians and healthcare facilities, as well as the intolerable escalation of violence, cease immediately.

United Nations General Assembly – Migration Is Not A Crime

(September 19, 2016 | New York) For the first time ever in its history, the United Nations General Assembly is organising a high- level meeting on 19 September to propose a concerted approach to managing the massive displacements of refugees and migrants. Doctors of the World – Médecins du Monde (MdM) welcomes this initiative and is calling for a global, coordinated response to be put in place, particularly for women and children.

Thousands Currently Under Siege in Aleppo, Syria

(July 28, 2016 | Paris) The situation in the Governorates of Aleppo and Idlib has deteriorated alarmingly in a few weeks. Doctors of the World has witnessed the dramatic impact on the civilian population that is being held hostage.

World Humanitarian Summit – Istanbul

(May 17, 2016 | New York) This 23 and 24 May, Istanbul will host the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS). It is an opportunity for actors from the international community to redefine how a sector experiencing unprecedented humanitarian demands respond to them and to propose concrete commitments.


(May 17, 2016 | New York) Doctors of the World is organizing for the first time a 100% connected, worldwide run for solidarity to promote access to health care: “Run For Health.” On 12 June 2016, runners at every level, wherever they are in the world, will be able to come together through sport on behalf of Doctors of the World.

InterAction letter on World Humanitarian Summit to President Obama

(May 13, 2016 | New York) With 10 days remaining before the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in Istanbul, we are hopeful that you and your administration will seize this opportunity to reverse the devastating harm being experienced by civilians in armed conflict worldwide.

Syria: Continuing Attacks on Medical Neutrality Worsen Desperate Situation

(April 29, 2016 | New York) Despite the ceasefire proclaimed February 27, Syria’s deadly
conflict has intensified in Aleppo and Idlib governorates.

Doctors of the World Stands in Solidarity With Greece

(April 14, 2016 | Athens) Eight chapters of the organization joined in Thessaloniki to show their solidarity with Greece and the major humanitarian crisis faced by the migrants/refugees blocked there since all borders closed. MdM Network works all along the migrants routes from Syria, Pakistan, Jordan to Sweden.

Oxfam Press Release to the UK Government

(April 14, 2016 | London) The UK is failing in its responsibility to protect some of the world’s most vulnerable people who have been displaced by conflict, violence, persecution and poverty, a group of 13 aid and refugee agencies said today.

Doctors of the World Greece Continues Interventions in Greek Islands

(March 29, 2016 | Athens) Medecins du Monde – Doctors of the World Greece express their opposition to the conversion of the refugee reception centers (hot spots) on the Aegean islands into detention centers.

Doctors of the World Opposes Closure of Borders in Eastern Europe

(March 3, 2016 | London) As national and international organizations working along the Western Balkan migration route in Greece, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, and Croatia, we strongly condemn the latest discriminatory and dangerous measures adopted by European countries as part of a broader package of deterrence policies intended to stem the flow of vulnerable people seeking safety.

Nepal – Six Months On

(October 25, 2015 | Paris) It has been six months since the earthquakes hit Nepal, killing 8,000 people and wounding 22,000 others. Already confronting the challenges of reconstruction and with winter approaching fast, the humanitarian situation continues to give much cause for concern.

Doctors of the World Announces $50,000 Challenge Gift

(August 11, 2015 | New York) Jaharis Family Foundation, Inc. awards challenge gift to Doctors of the World for ongoing and expanded programming in Greece amid the worsening economic crisis.

Doctors of the World Ebola Campaign Wins at Cannes Lions.

(June 29, 2015 | New York) Doctors of the World Ebola campaign honored in five categories at 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

U.S. Uninsured Population Still ‘Bigger Than Texas’

(June 25, 2015 | New York) Despite today’s Supreme Court ruling affirming the Affordable Care Act, 30 million people in the United States remain uninsured.

Doctors of the World France Elects New President

(June 10, 2015 | New York) After more than a decade of service, Dr. Françoise Sivignon elected as Doctors of the World France president.

Doctors of the World Ebola Campaign Wins at 2015 Webby Awards

(April 27, 2015 | New York) Doctors of the World “More Than A Costume” Campaign Honored For Best Charitable Organization/Non-Profit In the 19th Annual Webby Awards.

Syria: A Disastrous Four Years of Conflict

(March 17, 2015 | New York) Four years since the crisis began, Syria’s humanitarian situation is appalling. Continued fighting has pushed millions from their homes, and medical workers are intentionally targeted by combatants.

Doctors of the World Opposes Patent for Hep C Drug Sofosbuvir

(February 10, 2015 | New York) In a European first, Doctors of the World today filed its opposition to the patent granted for the new hepatitis C treatment sofosbuvir with the European Patent Office (EPO).

Wearing An Ebola Hazmat Suit This Halloween

(October 30, 2014 | New York) Every Halloween has a costume drama and this year’s focus is on the controversial Ebola Hazmat suit. A popular disguise-of-choice for many and a horrifying example of bad taste to others, the Ebola Hazmat suit is both a scary reality and much-needed necessity for the thousands of health workers in West Africa risking their own lives to save others.

Rockaways Free Clinic 1st Anniversary

(October 27, 2014 | New York) One year ago, Doctors of the World USA opened a free clinic in the Rockaways, the first project in the United States of the global non-profit Médecins du Monde network. The clinic was created to provide free, comprehensive medical services to area residents in light of the devastating impact Superstorm Sandy had on the Rockaways, and in response to an alarming absence of quality, affordable healthcare.

Ebola Threatens Already Fragile Healthcare System: Doctors of the World Responds in Three Countries

(September 30, 2014 | Paris, New York) Due to the worsening situation with the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, Doctors of the World – Médecins du monde (MdM) is intensifying its activity in Liberia and Ivory Coast.

Rockaways Still Suffering, New Report Shows

(September 22, 2014 | New York) Two years after Hurricane Sandy, residents of the Rockaways Peninsula suffer rising stress and sever barriers to healthcare.

Letter to UN Secretary General: We Demand a Redress of Violations to Women’s Health

(September 22, 2014 | New York) At the launch of the UN Special Session to review the state of women’s health worldwide, Doctors of the World delivers the Names Not Numbers petition to Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. With 20,000 signatures, we collectively demand the international community prioritize and protect women’s health.

Print a Postcard, Save a Woman’s Life: International Health NGO Pressures Governments Ahead of UN Meeting

(September 8, 2014 | New York) Doctors of the World brings its international campaign for women’s rights, Names Not Numbers, to New York on September 9 to urge the international community to guarantee improved access to family planning services as well as quality maternal care.

Doctors of the World Calls for an Immediate Halt to the Bombing in Gaza to Allow Humanitarian Aid to be Deployed and Civilians Treated

(July 22, 2014 | Paris) With Israel increasing military operations, urgent humanitarian aid is unable to be deployed in Gaza.

Doctors of the World Strengthens Its Intervention in the Gaza Strip

(July 16, 2014 | Paris) Continued Israeli military operations are damaging the Palestinian healthcare system and restricting access to humanitarian aid. Doctors of the World is strengthening its medical assistance to the civil population.

41 Organizations Warn of Palestinian Health Sector Crisis

(July 15, 2014 | Paris) Continued military operations are compounding a healthcare crisis in Gaza, with hospitals ill-prepared to meet the critical needs arising from a wide-scale emergency. Signatory organizations are calling for an immediate ceasefire.

Doctors of the World Sends Medicine to Flood Victims in the Balkans

(May 22th, 2014 | Paris) In response to the deadly floods in the Balkans and the resulting shortage of medicine, the international organization Doctors of the World is dispatching 2.5 tons of medicine and medical equipment as a matter of urgency.

Europe in a time of crisis: Children and Pregnant Women Must be Guaranteed Access to Care

(May 13th, 2014 | Paris) Prior to the 2014 European elections, Doctors of the World – Médecins du monde (MdM) presents its report on access to care for the most vulnerable in Europe in a time of crisis, calling upon European governments and institutions to ensure national health systems are universal, solidarity-based and fair and open to everyone living in the EU.

 Syria: Civil Population May Have Been Exposed to Chemical Agents

(April 25th, 2014 | Paris) Since Monday 21st April,  nine patients presenting symptoms which could be a result of exposure to chlorine gas have been treated in one of the Syrian hospitals supported by Doctors of the World – Médecins du Monde (MdM) in Idlib near the Syrian-Turkish border.

New treatments for Hepatitis C: Doctors of the World supports universal access

(March 18th, 2014 | Paris) While new treatments are entering the market and substantially modifying the hepatitis C virus (HCV) care and treatment, Doctors of the World – Médecins du Monde (MdM) has published a study on the strategies to implement universal access to treatments.

Syria: Three years of war and horror is more than enough!

(March 13th , 2014 | Paris) – Doctors of the World – Médecins du Monde (MdM) has been working in Syria since the start of the conflict, both inside the country and at its borders. We have seen for ourselves that the situation is worsening and that a “red line” has long been crossed.

Mali: Two staff members of Doctors of the World injured by an improvised explosive device in Kidal

(February 26, 2014 | Paris) On Wednesday 26 February 2014, at 12.05pm, a vehicle from Doctors of the World – Médecins du Monde (MdM) blew up on an improvised explosive device near the landing strip of the Kidal airport (Northern Mali).

As Olympic Games Open in Sochi, 37 Humanitarian, Human Rights, and Peace Organizations Call for UNSC Resolution to Open Syria to Aid

(February 7, 2014 | Paris) In the spirit of the ancient tradition of an Olympic truce, echoed by the United Nations Secretary General in January, we call on the United Nations Security Council to put an end to inhumane and illegal methods of war in Syria by supporting a Resolution demanding full and unimpeded humanitarian access to all conflict zones in the country. As the Winter Olympics open, Syria must be opened to life-saving humanitarian aid.

Doctors of the World Reinforces its Presence in Central African Republic

(January 14th, 2014 | Paris) As the humanitarian crisis in Central African Republic deteriorates, Doctors of the World/Médecins du Monde (MdM) reinforces its presence on the ground. In addition to the 5 tons of equipment delivered to Bangui on December 16th, MdM will be sending additional medical and logistic equipment in the coming days. While continuing to provide support with general consultations and maternal care, MdM plans to launch an immunization campaign to protect again polio and measles outbreaks in the coming months.

Doctors of the World Mobilizes to Answer to the Humanitarian Emergency in the Central African Republic

(December 18, 2013 | Paris) Having conducted emergency programmes in CAR since August, Doctors of the World – Médecins du Monde (MdM) has reinforced its teams and sent medical equipment due to the recent increase in violence. A quarter of Bangui’s population, no less than 189,000 people, are now displaced in refugee camps. On Monday night, December 16, MdM dispatched about 5 tonnes of medical materials to replenish their stock in Bangui to better treat displaced populations.

Aleppo Hospitals Overwhelmed by Flood of Injured People After Air Attacks Against the Population

(December 13th, 2013 | Paris) Air strikes dropped barrels of explosives on the city of Aleppo and its province, resulting in hundreds of deaths within the civilian population. Doctors of the World, which supports seven medical networks inside the country, is one of the few international medical NGOs providing a humanitarian assistance in Syria.

Gilead’s HCV Drug Sofosbuvir Approved by the FDA but Accessible for How Many?

(December 9, 2013 | New York) On December 6, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Gilead’s sofosbuvir (Sovaldi), an oral medication for the treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV). This drug, amongst others, is more potent, has fewer side effects, and can often be taken for a shorter duration than the current standard of care. In clinical trials, sofosbuvir demonstrated high cure rates of up to 100% when combined with other DAAs. Yet its anticipated price tag of USD $80,000 will ensure that this drug remains out of reach for the vast majority of people living with HCV.

Haiyan Typhoon: 11 French NGOs are Calling for a Stronger International Fundraising Mobilization

(November 19, 2013 | Paris) Eleven French NGOs operating in the Philippines, including Doctors of the World, gathered yesterday to discuss their responses to Typhoon Haiyan with the goal to improve coordination of humanitarian responses across agencies. Despite having delivered emergency aid to tens of thousands of beneficiaries, NGOs are concerned with the small amounts of funds allocated to the response, given the extent of the disaster.

Doctors of the World Deploys Its Teams to the Most Affected Areas of the Philippines

(November 14, 2013 | Paris) Doctors of the world (Médecins du Monde), activated their emergency response to Typhoon Haiyan, deploying doctors from their international network to provide emergency and medical relief in the Philippines.

Doctors of the World USA Celebrates the Opening of the Rockaways Free Clinic

(October 21, 2013 | New York) Doctors of the World USA, part of Médecins du Monde international network dedicated to providing healthcare access to underserved and marginalized populations, announced the official opening of the Rockaways Free Clinic.

Doctors of the World – Médecins du Monde (MdM) reinforces its presence in Syria in extreme conditions

(August 28, 2013 | Paris) As the situation steadily worsens two years into the Syrian conflict, MdM is reinforcing its local activities in a situation of extreme emergency. Following the recent attacks on civilians in Damascus, the NGO is adjusting its aid to best address glaring needs.

Sidley teams with Doctors of the World/MdM USA to open a free clinic in Queens, NY, after Hurricane Sandy

(August 27, 2013 | New York) With Sidley’s assistance as pro bono counsel, MdM recently achieved its goal of signing a lease to open the Doctors of the World Rockaways Free Clinic in the storm-ravaged area of Queens, NY, making it the organization’s first free primary care clinic in the U.S.

Doctors of the World USA to open free clinic for New York community devastated by Sandy

(July 29, 2013 | New York) Doctors of the World USA, the American delegation of the international network dedicated to providing free health care access and equality, announced it has taken first steps in opening a health clinic in Rockaway Park, Queens to serve survivors of super-storm Sandy.  The lease signing for the Clinic marks Doctors of the World USA’s first domestic project and flagship presence in the United States.

Discriminatory Public Health Decree in Greece

(July 9, 2013 | Greece) Last week, the new Greek Minister of Health decided to re-introduce Public Health Decree 39A which imposes measures such as obligatory testing for hepatitis, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and communicable diseases. The decree stigmatizes drug users, sex workers and undocumented migrants in particular.

Jaharis Family Foundation Challenge Gift

(June 24, 2013 | New York) Doctors of the World USA (MdM USA) announced a major donation from the Jaharis Family Foundation will provide a significant boost to the global healthcare organization’s initiative of providing access to quality healthcare for vulnerable populations in Greece, specifically those affected by the economic crisis.

Doctors of the World alarmed by enormous inflow of Congolese chased out of Angola, often in violent conditions

(June 4, 2013 | Brussels) Doctors of the World urges the Angolan authorities to respect its international agreements. The organization turns to the international community to look into this violence, and to humanitarian actors to take action.

Doctors of the World USA and Michel Cluizel Partnership: Save Lives With Boxes of Chocolate

(May 1, 2013 | New York) Doctors of the World-USA and acclaimed chocolatier Michel Cluizel Chocolates today announced a partnership to raise funds to fuel the nonprofit’s vital healthcare programs assisting vulnerable populations across the globe.

Salma Hayek Pinault and CHIME FOR CHANGE Support for Doctors of the World Initiative in Syria

(March 26, 2013 | New York) Today, Doctors of the World USA, the international humanitarian relief organization, announced the support of CHIME FOR CHANGE and co-founder Salma Hayek Pinault for its efforts to provide health care to Syrian refugees.

Dr. Ronald Waldman Appointed as President of Board of Directors of Doctors of the World USA

(March 26, 2013 | New York) Doctors of the World-USA today announced that Dr. Ronald Waldman has been appointed President of the Board of Directors of Doctors of the World USA.

Doctors of the World USA and MARCHESA Launch Hurricane Sandy Relief T-Shirt

(March 11, 2013 | New York) Doctors of the World USA and Marchesa announced the launch of its Hurricane Sandy Relief T-Shirt.  Georgina Chapman of Marchesa created a specially designed I LOVE NEW YORK T-Shirt to benefit Doctors of the World USA’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Campaign, which is providing long-term health care services to residents in the Rockaways severely affected by Hurricane Sandy.

“ENOUGH!” – Program aimed to promote tolerance and prevention of racist violence in Greece

(March 7, 2013 | Greece) In these days of unprecedented economic and social crisis, which leads to steep rise of xenophobic and racist phenomena, Médecins du Monde and the Greek Council for Refugees join their forces in the implementation of the program called “ENOUGH!” The program is supported by the Open Society Foundations as part of the Fund to Counter Xenophobia.

Sandy’s Forgotten Victims: Hundreds in the Rockaways still living without access to basic health services

(January 23, 2013 | New York) Less than three months after Superstorm Sandy devastated the Rockaways and left hundreds of local residents in dire need of health care services, Doctors of the World is one of only two organizations providing free medical relief in the area.

Alarming disruption of health care delivery in Greece

(September 25, 2012 | New York) Greece’s health care system and citizens are suffering as a result of austerity measures put in place to respond to the country’s ongoing economic crisis.

World Refugee Day 2012: Syria Crisis

(June 20, 2012 | Paris) On World Refugee Day, June 20th, Doctors of the World condemns the violence in Syria against civilians and health workers.