World Health Day - Doctors of the World

World Health Day


Access to quality healthcare, regardless of nationality, gender, race or sexual orientation is a fundamental human right. Doctors of the World (DotW) programs look to ensure that everyone receives the care they deserve and we advocate for inclusion and representation in public health infrastructure.




In Colombia, Doctors of the World is working with women to fight for better access to healthcare. Women, particularly those in indigenous, sex-worker or migrant communities are often isolated and excluded from the public health system.

DotW is providing quality care to the most vulnerable populations through our clinics. However, our main goal is to see them included and represented in the public health system.


El Paso, Texas 



Thousands of migrants are seeking refuge in El Paso every month. Yet many shelters and CBP facilities lack resources and staff to assess their health needs, resulting in dangerous medical oversights.

DotW is there to improve shelters’ capacity, providing administrative and financial support, and conducting evidence-based advocacy to promote sound public health policy and best practices.


Montreal, Canada 


People on the margins face many barriers to accessing health care. The services are often inadequate, not adapted to their needs, or simply not available where they live.

The Mobile Clinic has met people experiencing homelessness where they are: on the streets, in parks, and in shelters. Outreach nurses offer care and listen without judgment, in a safe and private space. This approach helps to build a bridge between these target populations and the public health system.