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Doctors of the World Announces $50,000 Challenge Gift

Jaharis Family Foundation awards challenge gift to Doctors of the World for ongoing and expanded programming in Greece amid the worsening economic crisis.


NEW YORK, NY (August 11, 2015)—Doctors of the World (MdM) announced a $50,000 challenge gift today from Jaharis Family Foundation, Inc. (JFF) to expand MdM’s mobile medical programs in Greece. Designed to serve vulnerable people in hard to reach areas, the mobile clinics serve children, the uninsured, and the elderly. JFF will match every dollar raised for MdM Greece’s mobile programming, up to a total of $50,000.

“We are enormously thankful to the Jaharis Family Foundation for strengthening MdM Greece’s mobile medical program,” said Miranda Sissons, Doctors of the World USA executive director. “This is a great, practical way for us to double our impact in Greece, at a time when it’s most needed.”

The Greek healthcare system has taken a major hit in the current economic climate. As a result of crisis and austerity policies, state-run hospitals have cut budgets by up to 50 percent and facilities lack basic medical supplies and staff. One quarter of the Greek population lacks medical coverage, and MdM research indicates children’s access to vaccinations has been severely impacted.

In this new environment, MdM programs—which in the past mostly served vulnerable populations, such as undocumented migrants, the uninsured and the homeless—now serve a growing number of Greeks affected by the economic crisis.

MdM has worked in Greece since 1990 to provide primary care, consultations, social services, psychological support, pharmaceuticals and harm reduction programming. Its work focuses especially on migrant, homeless, youth and aging populations.

In 2015, the JFF has also provided a gift of $250,000, in addition to the challenge gift, to strengthen MdM’s mobile medical clinics and polyclinics. Together these initiatives serve more than 80,000 people per year, providing essential vaccinations, medication, primary health care and psychological support. The JFF has been generously supporting MdM programs for children and elderly populations in Greece since 2012. The challenge gift runs until December 31.

For detailed information on access to medical care in Europe, see our 2015 report, Access to Healthcare for Children and Pregnant Women in Europe.