DotW US Statement on Kunduz Airstrike

Doctors of the World US (DotW) expresses our sincere sympathy for those who lost their lives or were wounded in today’s bombings on the Doctors Without Borders/MSF-run medical facility in Kunduz, Afghanistan. An estimated 9 MSF medical workers have been killed and another 37 people have been injured, including 19 local hospital staff.

Dr. Ron Waldman, DotW board chair, says, “This is a tragic loss of life. Health workers in conflict zones should be respected and protected, not fired upon or made parties to the conflict. We condemn anyone who fails to respect the principles and laws of medical neutrality, and urge the swiftest possible investigation.”

The entire Doctors of the World US team is deeply saddened by today’s events and we stand with our MSF colleagues in Kunduz, and around the world. We strongly condemn these actions, and call on all parties to the conflict to ensure the safety of all civilians, medical staff and facilities, and humanitarian aid workers currently in Afghanistan.

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