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A Journey of Hope: Noor’s story


Noor*, a forty-four-year-old woman, pregnant with her sixth child, and her husband found themselves thrust into a heartbreaking reality in their homeland of Afghanistan.

The violence projected by the Taliban has transformed their once peaceful existence into a nightmare of bombing and fear. With no choice but to flee, they sought refuge across continents. They first landed in Pakistan before taking a plane to Brazil where they stayed for 5 months. They continued by bus to Panama where they crossed the “jungle of death” (aka the Darién Gap) before landing in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, where no medical, legal, or social services were provided.

Their journey has brought them to the threshold of a new beginning in the United States. Last January, after they crossed the border from Juárez to El Paso, they arrived at Doctors of the World’s clinic. Greeted by Dr. de la Rosa, our clinic’s Medical Director, Noor was offered prenatal vitamins and crucial pregnancy care, as well as referral information for their final destination in North Carolina.

Dr. de la Rosa offered them not only medical care, but also a listening ear. Amid language barriers, our medical student volunteer Soroush stepped forward and served as an interpreter from Farsi to English, bridging the gap between cultures. As they sat in the comforting clinic, Noor and her husband were more than just patients; they were symbols of resilience.

Noor and her husband’s journey isn’t just about theirs; it is a reflection of the universal quest for security, hope and a chance to build a better future.


*The name has been changed to protect privacy

Photo credit: Doctors of the World USA