Toupou Lancinet: Testimonial from Doctors of the World General Coordinator in Niger - Doctors of the World

Toupou Lancinet: Testimonial from Doctors of the World General Coordinator in Niger

Toupou Lancinet

 “My name is Toupou Lancinet and I am the general coordinator of Doctors of the World in Niger. Niger is at the crossroads of West Africa, a place of passage for migrant people, each carrying their own story. Doctors of the World set up here in 2014, determined to bring a breath of humanity to this complex web.

Our teams stretch from the regions of Agadez to the horizons of Tahoua, via the vast lands of Tillabéri and Niamey. Our mission is simple: to support and offer medical and psychosocial care to exiles, whether they have been refused entry to Algeria or come from other African countries. For us, it’s more than just a job, it’s a commitment. We are guardians of the fundamental rights of migrants, working to give them access to the care they deserve.


At the heart of our actions, one story has left an indelible mark on my memories. A woman, pregnant with twins, came to us. For nine months, we were at her side, becoming her compass on this uncertain journey. Our medico-psycho-social team played an essential role, providing invaluable medical follow-up and unfailing support.


As with all twin pregnancies, this one required special attention. Doctors of the World was there every step of the way, looking after her health and that of her babies throughout the nine months of pregnancy. These months created invisible but incredibly powerful bonds. When the long-awaited moment finally arrived, this mother was able to give birth to her children in peace and security. Her smile lit up our hearts. We had performed a small miracle, by being there for her and for the twins who were born.

For the migrants around them, these twins became “Doctors of the World babies.”A nickname that stuck for some time, testifying to their deep gratitude to our organisation. These children symbolise the hope and humanity that our organisation brings to these vulnerable people along their migratory route. This nickname had become a living reminder of the power of solidarity in action.”