Testimonial: Midwife Sarah Ibrahim in Ethiopia - Doctors of the World

Testimonial: Midwife Sarah Ibrahim in Ethiopia

For two years, Sarah Ibrahim has been working for Doctors of the World Germany in the Malayko Health Center (Somali Region, Ethiopia). Below she shares her experience working in the field.


What can happen to a woman if there is no midwife?

If there is no midwife, the situation can get dangerous. If there are complications, the mother can die while giving birth. There are sometimes dangerous signs like preeclampsia. Even if there is a TBA (Traditional Birth Attendant) and another skilled person, there could be a lot of different problems. 

To avoid these problems, you have provided training sessions. What do you teach other midwives?

We talk to pregnant mothers about how important it is that they come to the health facility when they feel that birth is about to begin. After birth, I consult and train the mother on how to take care of her baby and about hygiene for the baby and herself. I show this also to my colleagues and teach them for example how to detect preeclampsia and what to do in these cases. 

Do you have some words for our readers abroad?

I am greeting all the other women in the world. We are all family and we have to care about women and children regardless of the color of the skin or where they come from. It is a question of humanity and we have to take care of all of us.