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Syria: 8 Years Of Civil War

March 15th marks the 8th year of the Syrian civil war

Over 400,000 people have died & 13.2 million others need medical assistance in Syria

Although the conflict is covered less and less by the media, the war continues to devastate the everyday lives of Syrian people. The humanitarian needs remain vast, and the civilian population still struggles to access basic services such as healthcare. 

This week, the 3rd Conference On Supporting The Future Of Syria And The Region took place in Brussels in order to further mobilize the international community to provide a robust response to the humanitarian needs within Syria.

Doctors of the World is calling on the European Union, the United Nations and regional governments not to disengage from the ongoing crisis, to increase their support to humanitarian aid organizations working within Syria, and to protect health professionals and facilities from repeated targeting. 

Read our full press release below. 

8 Years Of Conflict: A Forgotten Tragedy