Nigeria: US Ambassador Symington Visits DotW Clinic In Garba Buzu - Doctors of the World

Nigeria: US Ambassador Symington Visits DotW Clinic In Garba Buzu

On April 28th, 2017 the US Ambassador to Nigeria W. Stuart Symington visited a Doctors of the World clinic in the Garba Buzu internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in Borno state.


The visit was organized by the International Organization of Migration (IOM). Doctors of the World has been present in Garba Buzu since October 2016. Our team runs a free clinic that sees on average 100-150 patients a day, providing mostly antenatal care, primary healthcare and malnutrition screening.

US Ambassador Visit - Maiduguri - Nigeria 2017

The ambassador was accompanied by the Garba Buzu community leader, the Garba Buzu land-owner who donated the land to the thousands of displaced families in need, and IOM representatives. As they toured the community they spent significant time speaking with community members in an effort to understand the daily challenges and difficulties of living in an IDP camp such as Garba Buzu, where around 3,500 people currently reside.

US Ambassdor Visit - Maiduguri - Nigeria 2017

One of the stops on the ambassador’s visit to the camp was the Garba Buzu health clinic, operated by Doctors of the World. On reaching the clinic, Ambassador Symington spent half an hour there, meeting our staff and talking with the dozens of patients treated at the clinic everyday. As our medical supervisor at the clinic, Dr. Zainab, gave the ambassador a tour of the facility, the ambassador asked the Garba Buzu community leader accompanying them “What do you think is the best thing that has happened to the community since you’ve been living in Garba Buzu?” The community leader paused, then replied “Having access to shelter and access to the free services and medicine provided at this clinic”.

A big thank you to US Ambassador Symington for taking the time to visit our clinic in Garba Buzu.