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In Support of Human Rights for Sex Workers

A new and important conversation is emerging worldwide about sex work


Ignited by Amnesty International’s decision in early August to take two years to “develop a policy that supports the full decriminalization of all aspects of consensual sex work.”

Doctors of the World/Medecins du Monde has worked globally with sex workers for many years, ensuring access to basic and and specialized health services. From our famous Lotus Bus in Paris, to the border towns of Mexico, we have worked to reduce sex workers risks of HIV, STDs, and to improve their access to health.

We, along with many others, were honored to be interviewed by Amnesty in developing its thinking on sex workers’ rights. We applaud their bravery in adopting this new policy framework, and for their strong commitment to evidence-based research in doing so.

Although many organizations are concerned at Amnesty’s recent decision, we note Amnesty accompanies its new policy with a strong reminder that human trafficking, including sexual exploitation, is “abhorrent” and should be criminalized.

Doctors of the World groups in France, Spain, and many other countries have worked hard to lessen the real risks and discrimination sex workers face. Amnesty’s thinking on this, one of the toughest of issues, is brave, timely, and important. Let’s support, not undermine, the work they’ll have to do in bringing the policy to life in years ahead.

Learn more about the Lotus Bus, one of our many programs for sex workers.