World Humanitarian Day - Doctors of the World

World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day is a time to honor the global community of humanitarian workers that make our vision possible. On this day, we recognize those who have dedicated their lives to humanitarian service. On this day, we memorialize those who have passed away while caring for the underserved. On this day, we take a step back to reflect on the immense suffering that continues to affect marginalized populations worldwide.

The UN is commemorating World Humanitarian Day by asking,  “What does the world need more of?” Our answer is healthcare. Doctors of the World believes that everyone deserves the right to healthcare. Our doctors strive to ensure that underprivileged populations have access and resources to take advantage of that right.

Srijana Lama, one of our senior nurses in Sunkhani, Nepal, speaks about providing sexual and reproductive healthcare for women in rural communities:

“As a nurse/midwife, I try to raise awareness…of the need to rest before and after delivery…Many women don’t know what they are entitled to or where to find the care they need. They don’t know what they need as women.”

Srijana’s story is all too common. And on this day we pause to honor Srijana and all our volunteers. We extend a big thank you to our local partners, doctors and nurses in the field who provide care with incredible perseverance. Without these passionate humanitarian heroes, none of our work would be possible.

At the same time Doctors of the World recognizes that there will always be more work to be done. Our programs aim to improve quality and access to care and reach over one million people each year.

Join us to support programs providing care for the world’s most vulnerable. Thanks to your efforts, MdM can continue to serve those in need.