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Blog: Our New York Clinic Turns 6 Months!

6 months of service. More than 300 visits. All thanks to you, the clinic supporters. You made a real difference in the Rockaways for people like Elaine. 


Elaine has lived her entire life in the Rockaways. She used to have a job and health insurance. But when she decided to make a career change and enrolled in a nursing program, she lost her coverage.

“It was the first time in my life where I didn’t have health insurance. It was very daunting. You become picky regarding the care that you seek. You’re making an appointment hoping everything is fine, but what if there is something? At this point, it is just a world of trouble.

“One day, after Hurricane Sandy, my mother sent me an email with the information of Doctors of the World’s clinic.  It was a life-saver. I had lost all my immunization papers because of the storm. In order to start classes, I had to prove that everything was in order. So I went to the clinic.

“This experience has opened my eyes. When you don’t have health insurance, it is so important to have someone to turn to, to have a place to go. As a future nurse, I would love to work in a place like that.

“The fact that the clinic is located in the Rockaways is actually unbelievable because we don’t usually get these kinds of services in the area. We are pretty isolated and often forgotten.

“From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you, guys… It meant the world to me.”

We know that YOU made it happen. Thank you for believing in this project!

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