International Day of Charity - Doctors of the World

International Day of Charity

Charity is defined as the voluntary giving of help to those in need and the benevolent goodwill towards or love of humanity. 

The UN General Assembly has declared September 5 as the International Day of Charity to raise awareness about the most disadvantaged members of society and promote charity around the world. The UN stands by charitable giving as an effective way to promote human dignity and resiliency. This year, we will celebrate the first International Day of Charity by uniting to make the world a better place.

As an international humanitarian organization, Doctors of the World relies on volunteers, donors, and philanthropists to ensure that we are able to provide medical care to vulnerable populations as we fight for equal access to healthcare worldwide. Charity and benevolent goodwill allow us to serve those in need. We are grateful for the generosity of donors and supporters that make our programs possible.

Join us in charity on September 5th and help us fight for equal access to healthcare around the globe. Every hour of volunteer time and each dollar donated allows us to accomplish our mission.

– Lori Evans, Director of Development