Amicus Brief on Title 42 - Doctors of the World

Amicus Brief on Title 42

Doctors of the World has joined with epidemiologists, public health experts, and medical professionals in filing an amicus brief on the Title 42 order that has been used to block and expel asylum seekers and other migrants from the United States under the guise of a pandemic mitigation measure. This brief has been filed in litigation pending before a federal district court in Louisiana brought by Arizona and a coalition of other states to prevent the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from terminating (on May 23, 2022) its prior Title 42 orders.
The public health experts’ brief addresses the lack of public health justification for the original Title 42 orders, that Title 42 expulsions have in fact undermined public health, and that existing public health measures can be implemented to safely process asylum seekers at the border. The brief was submitted with Ron Waldman, President of Doctors of the World USA.