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Disponible ahora en NYC!

Encontrar asistencia médica asequible en Nueva York puede ser difícil, especialmente si usted es nuevo en el área. Mi Salud lo conecta con opciones gratuitas o de bajo costo en su vecindario.

Encuentre clínicas gratuitas o de bajo costo cerca de usted.

Llame ahora mismo: 646.759.9777

Available Now In NYC!

Finding affordable healthcare in New York can be difficult, especially if you are new to the area. Mi Salud connects you to free or low cost options in your neighborhood.

Find free or low cost healthcare clinics near you.

Call today: 646.759.9777

Mi Salud USA

Mi Salud connects people in need of medical services to healthcare clinics in their neighborhoods. Individuals dial 646.759.9777, follow the prompts, and hear a listing of clinics near them or have the list sent directly to their cell phone via text.

The Affordable Care Act has increased access to health insurance for many, but a significant number of adults in the US – around 32 million – remain uninsured, and the ACA’s possible repeal will dramatically worsen the situation.

Owing to various factors, such as immigration status, the lack of insurance is disproportionately high in Hispanic and Latino communities – which make up 19% of the US population and 30% of the uninsured. We’ve launched Mi Salud with Spanish and English language options to bridge this healthcare gap by connecting Hispanic and Latino patients in need of care with the NYC clinics providing it.

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