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DRC: Ebola Deaths Rise To An Estimated 1,700 People

Our teams are supporting the Ministry of Health in preventing and controlling the spread of the virus. We are also providing multiple health centers with Ebola prevention kits, disinfecting materials, and training national health staff in the process of identifying new cases.  We are also providing psychosocial support to the staff working with patients and to… Read more.


Our project also has a significant focus on mental health support. Many of the Rohingya residing in Bangladesh have experienced or witnessed extreme violence and are coping with serious mental health consequences such as emotional trauma and PTSD. They are also struggling with the chronic stress of living in the camps for prolonged periods of time.… Read more.

Gun Based Violence

Doctors of the World is working tirelessly to address the epidemic of gun violence in the U.S. Donate today to help.  Donations are 100% secure and tax-deductible. Read more.

World Refugee Day 2019

An unprecedented 70.8 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide, and 37,000 people are forced to flee their homes every day due to conflict or persecution.  This World Refugee Day, we are honoring and celebrating the resilience of refugees from around the world, who are struggling to survive in incredibly difficult circumstances.  Providing medical assistance to… Read more.

Opération Sourire: Celebrating 30 Years

The operations are often too expensive for many families, or the public health system is not equipped to provide the procedures. As a result, thousands of children continue to suffer from birth defects or injuries such as severe burns that could be easily treated if they had access to the appropriate medical care. In addition, these… Read more.

Gender Based Violence

Gender based violence affects women from all walks of life no matter social status, class, race, ethnicity, or age group. Read more.

Marking Gun Violence Awareness Month

In addition, these events will work to bring awareness to the importance of preventing future acts of violence. In New York City, numerous events will highlight the issue of gun violence as a public health epidemic and the many ways in which the community can get involved. At Doctors of the World, we believe that… Read more.

Mozambique: Second Deadly Cyclone Forecast

Cyclone Kenneth could cause even worse damage and bring greater suffering to an already vulnerable and devastated population. The recovery from these two disasters will take many months, even years, and Doctors of the World is committed to being there for the long haul. Doctors of the World has been present in Mozambique for more than… Read more.

United States

In July 2017, we launched Mi Salud, an Interactive Voice Response/IVR and SMS/text service that connected people to life-saving, life-changing free or low cost medical care in their own neighborhoods in New York City. The Affordable Care Act increased access to health insurance for many, but a significant number of adults in the US –… Read more.

Test Donation

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