Mozambique: Hundreds Dead, Thousands Displaced

Thousands of people remain stranded on the roofs of buildings and even in trees, desperately awaiting emergency aid. The majority of health centers in the cyclone’s path have been damaged and the national health network’s capacity is severely limited with an average of only 3 doctors per 100,000 people. This is severely hindering the provision… Read more.

Urban Violence Prevention

Violence Intervention Programs: A Primer For Developing A Comprehensive Program For Trauma Centers   A Comprehensive Technical Package For The Prevention Of Youth Violence And Associated Risk Behaviors   Keys To Collaboration Between Hospital-Based Violence Intervention And Cure Violence Programs Healing Communities In Crisis: Lifesaving Solutions To The Urban Gun Violence Epidemic   Read more.

Syria: 8 Years Of Civil War

Although the conflict is covered less and less by the media, the war continues to devastate the everyday lives of Syrian people. The humanitarian needs remain vast, and the civilian population still struggles to access basic services such as healthcare.  This week, the 3rd Conference On Supporting The Future Of Syria And The Region took place… Read more.

Unsung Heroes: Sanu Nani Magar

As long as the truck comes and unloads, we have work. But when it doesn’t show up, there’s no work. Like on Saturdays, not many trucks come. I work an average of 22 days a month and I make between 400 and 500 rupees. I live in a house made of corrugated sheeting and it… Read more.

Unsung Heroes: Diana Patricia Solís

Doctors of the World really helped me. They taught me to be strong, and now I can talk about the attack in a calmer way. At first, I couldn’t bear speaking about it and would burst into tears. The trainings I completed with staff members such as Sandrita and Marta helped me to understand that… Read more.

Unsung Heroes: Magdalena Simeonova

I met my husband and wanted to get married, but my parents were firmly against it. I insisted, and in the end, they stopped fighting it and we got married. My husband was 18 but I was only 14. Marrying young is the tradition in Nadezhda and the people themselves accept it as something normal.… Read more.

Unsung Heroes: Rajwa Mohamad Rahmoun

Looking at my children gives me that courage. Just one look at them and I find the patience and the strength to speak out. They make me feel so brave, which enables me to continue fighting for our rights. Here in Lebanon, my son got into a moped accident and broke his arm and his… Read more.

Unsung Heroes – International Women’s Day

Gender-based violence can encompass a variety of different injustices such as the intent to cause physical, sexual, psychological, or economic harm to a woman. GBV can also include the threat of such acts, coercion, and the arbitrary deprivation of a woman’s liberty.  While gender-based violence occurs in a variety of public settings such as conflict,… Read more.

Unsung Heroes: Anny Tenga Modi

Sexual and reproductive health is an issue for women who have endured violence, but in the DRC there are often barriers in accessing it. There are not many hospitals that can treat complications such as fistulas. There is also a lack of information and the rate of illiteracy is very high. In addition, many materials… Read more.

Mexico: Supporting Access To Healthcare For Refugees & Migrants

The vast majority were escaping endemic violence and extreme poverty, or being forced from their homes by climate-change related disasters such as floods and droughts. Many were hoping seek asylum in the United States in the hope of building a better future for themselves and their families. After surviving the dangerous journey, many were detained… Read more.