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What can I do as a healthcare professional?

Health Education & Action Team

What can I do as a healthcare professional?

  • Vote
  • Contact your local representatives and elected officials
  • Advocate to your healthcare leadership
  • Find out what your state is doing for maternal mortality and how you can get involved
  • Learn/Educate Yourself
  • Understand Racism in the healthcare system
  • Learn about research and studies in how racism affects care
  • Know the urgent maternal health warning signs
  • Share information in your network

What can public health systems do?

  • Promote continuity of care and extended insurance coverage
  • Invest in electronic health record systems
  • Establish formal maternal health care collaboratives
  • Ensure that women have access to health information and services immediately after birth
  • Educate providers and promote cultural shifts within the profession that will help change harmful patterns and practices
  • Ensure that health providers receive training on implicit bias, class and gender bias, anti-racism, and human rights in the practice of health care

All mothers should get the care and attention they need while pregnant and post birth.

Black mothers in the U.S. are dying at similar levels as mothers in underdeveloped countries. This is unacceptable and it is time for a change.