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Cyclone Idai is the worst climate disaster to hit the southern hemisphere. Hundreds have died, and the flooding is estimated to have affected nearly 2 million people in Mozambique. 

Our team of health experts are racing to assist survivors of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique. 

By supporting our critical relief efforts, you can help us bring in doctors, medical supplies, water sanitation equipment, and disease prevention kits to help Cyclone Idai survivors. 

Here are how your dollars will make a direct impact on these communities. 

$17 will supply 14 first aid kits containing medicine and medical supplies

$34 will provide 29 kits to protect against diseases such as cholera and malaria, two of the biggest risks post cyclone

$56 will cover water sanitation equipment which will be vital in preventing the spread of water-borne diseases

How will you make your impact today? 

Donations to our emergency fund will allow our team to respond to this rapidly changing situation, and help us to ensure a path to sustainable healthcare for these affected communities.